New Webhost

Short update this time (partly to make sure rss is still working correctly)

We have a new web host!

Hosting is being provided by NodeHost and I (brockbreacher) can’t recommend them enough, the ceo has been wonderfully helpful in the switch over and to getting us hosting.

If you want to check them out and get 30 day of hosting awell as support TechtonicMC (if you get a plan ofc) then visit this affiliate link!

4/16/2019 – Server Updates.

Heya, it’s been a while since a blog post has been written so I thought I’d take it upon myself to write one.

Firstly I would like to address the recent changes to the servers gamemodes. We have recently un-whitelisted skyblock for season 2 alpha testing. This will, however, be concluded on April 30th so to make sure skyblock is fully setup. Release dates have been spoken about and one of which may be confirmed soon. This will be disclosed at a later date. Next I will be addressing SMP. We have decided it would be fit to close SMP whilst we work on it to make a more.. synthetic experience. SMP is going to be replaced with KitPvP.

Next I would like to address KitPvP. Our kitpvp experience will be unique and like no other. Custom events, custom kits, custom abilities, custom plugins, custom echants and a custom map will all be set in place. Not to forget our kit system. In order to gain more kits you will be required to level up your stats, you do this by killing people, having a good K.D and getting kill streaks. Please note that no kits will be available for purchase! Kit will be non pay to win.

Finally I need to address the drama regarding ex staff member Kerry (kitty demon). She is not to be spoken about in public chats. If she is you will receive a warning from a staff member, continuing to do so after said warning will result in a mute for evading staff orders.

I will keep you posted regarding kitpvp and skyblock.

Have a great easter

~ Josh

Weekly Update 3/5/19 (5/3/19)

Techtonic Weekly (Week 2)
Hey Everyone!
This is the 2nd week of techtonic weekly!
The first one went quite well.
This one will be short. Not a lot has happened recently.

Very important news, factions has been changed to SMP, which is whitelisted at the moment, not an expected release date yet.

Development Updates:
Development on kitpvp has been slow, but we are getting there.
Some bugs were fixed on skyblock, and added some plugins.

Meg -> Moderator
Koronotchi -> Moderator
iiSourcietyYT -> Extended

Anyways, hope more happens next week, cya!

Techtonic Weekly (20/2/19 or 2/20/19)

Hey Everyone!
We have a new thing called techtonic weekly!
This was inspired by skycade weekly, which you can find here:

So first off, staff updates. A lot has happened this week with staff updates, so here they are:

  • Kittydemon -> Admin
  • Pigmatt -> Admin
  • Fredo -> Community manager
  • Bosh -> Co Owner
  • VarietyGaming -> Owner
  • Koronotchi -> Helper
  • Meg -> Helper
  • iiSourcietyYT -> Helper
  • TJN -> Resigned
  • Fade -> Demoted
  • Hampuz -> Demoted

the staff manager role has been changed to community manager.

Development updates:
kitpvp is going well! We still have a lot to do before release.
factions is good, added a /wild plugin.
Skyblock is well.

We have experienced a lot of downtime, we have switched nodes to prevent this from happening anymore.

Skyblock updates: Pigmatt “Any farms that cause major lag are being removed, If the creator rebuilds it they will be punished. Admins will warn the user via a sign on there island/claimed faction land alerting them if it is considered laggy. Any builds that are only for causing lag will be removed and will result in a ban.” This has to be followed to prevent any lag.

This was the first of this, so sorry if it was bad haha. We also have a discord for this, join here:

Anyways, thanks for reading and see you next week!

Website Update 2/2/2019 (2/2/2019 for you…. wait a minute)

Alright folks this one is a major update so, let’s begin.

Forums Are No More

Since we have discord for the main chat and only used the forums for reports, ban appeals, and bug reports we decided to change to a form system as it is simpler and straight forward, hope you all like it.

Found Here

A Player Guide!

Our wonderful Sr. Mod Pigmatt Has Transfered His Player Guide To The Site! Check It Out!

Found Here

A Discord Web Client!

We have an online web client for discord, check it out!

And Finally The Most Important Change:

As it didn’t work right i decided to replace the shoutbox with a status system for the mc server. i think this is better anyways :/


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more!


Thank you!

Release was yesterday and it went pretty well. We had quite a few of you on. Since release we’ve updated some stuff on the servers and released factions this morning (had some issues yesterday) A couple of staff members have been promoted and we said goodbye to some too. If you could all advertise the server that would be great.

This post is quite a short one so sorry bout that.

Server Progress Update 1/22/19 (22/1/19 for you Europeans)

Alright, I plan to make this a thing and I thought what better time than 3 days before launch? So, let’s begin!


  • Changing all servers to the donor nodes! (Less downtimes!)
  • Removed Authme (More so a update for staff but still)
  • There’s a new forum site in the works! (Sneak a peek!)
Such Xenforo, Much WOW!
  • Adding some new plugins soon (Soon)
  • Bans page was changed, it’s now located here
  • Old free domains have been ELIMINATED (Streamlining the domains helps branding ;P)
  • Added secondary mc ip (Kinda weird having “mc” in the ip twice :/)

Now, i plan to make this a once a month thing but who knows how this will play out, till then cya.


Server Release

Over the past couple of months the whole staff team have been working very hard on the server to get it released. As you all know release is on January 25th and we still have a lot to do, but don’t worry! We are going to get everything done.

Even though we’ve taken this time to do everything there will still be bugs, we are sorry about this however some thing slip past us. If you find bugs please alert a staff member and they will report it to a Jr Dev, Dev or systems admin.

I would like to thank the whole staff team for sticking with me through this however would like to say a special thank you firstly to brock, this website, our status page and IP’s would not be possible without him. Secondly I’d like to thank Robbin, through the time he has been with us he has offered support for me and the staff team with personal issues and has given us a lot of confidence but also helped with the server and it’s plugins. Next is hit, although he’s not been on our team long he has made a huge difference to the server and I can’t thank him enough for all the work he’s done. Then finally another thank you to our Staff Manager Bosh who has climbed all of our ranks and taken over a job that he loves and ironically I didn’t like, our staff applications.

So thanks to the whole team and a reminder we release on Jan 25th so make sure to be there!

~ Josh (Owner of Techtonic)

The end of 2018

It’s coming near to the end of 2018 and I can’t say this year has been the best for the server.

Due to my sheer indecisiveness we have gone from being kitpvp, to skyblock, to factions and I’ve now settled on skyblock and factions. The server originally started back in 2016 as a server on minehut, this is where i met -2-. After getting to know each other we bonded quite a bit and decided to start a server together, we called it MinersDelight. The server started off as factions but quickly turned to prisons however the prisons server was never released. Late 2017 i decided to shut the server down for good however early 2018 it come back alive. Not too long after this brock and Robbin come along and we saw the demotion of -2- and I can’t thank brock and Robbin for the work they’ve done for the server!

I’m looking forward to working with the whole staff team and looking forward to see the server, slowly, growing over the next year.

As we are actively trying to find and fix bugs as well as optimise the servers and get skyblock completely setup we are unsure when the network will release. I will keep you updated on the situation.

Thank you all for your support over the year and I hope you continue to carry on during the next!

TechtonicMc Owner

~ Josh